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The Human Contribution is the Essential Ingredient - Ethel Andrus

Ann Arbor GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where local technology experts, business professionals, and charity personnel come together to ease the burden of area non-profits through technology. Non-profits have serious technology needs that they often cannot afford on their limited budgets; needs such as a new web site, efficient email, a donation tracking application, and more.

Through Ann Arbor GiveCamp, the local community can come together, partnering charities with area technology experts, software programmers, marketing and brand identity analysts, graphics designers, and more, all in an effort to help out a good cause.

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Are you a social media expert? A software programmer? A graphics designer? A database administrator? Are you in marketing or business? Local community charities need your help!

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Are you a non-profit organization in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Toledo, Flint, Lansing, or the surrounding areas? We are looking for area non-profits like you that have a technology need.

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GiveCamp is an immense project that needs support from companies and people like you to bring it together. Your sponsorship helps provide the food, drink, and facilities to fuel GiveCamp.

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GiveCamp is an immense project that needs support from companies and people like you to bring it together, and offers a unique opportunity: where sponsorship for other technical conferences is about getting in front of conference attendees, GiveCamp is an opportunity to get behind the developers and professionals in attendance, and helping them give back to the community. Your sponsorship helps provide the food, drink, and facilities to fuel Ann Arbor GiveCamp, allowing GiveCamp volunteers to focus on their talent contributions.


"It was so wonderful participating in the Ann Arbor GiveCamp...We love our new website and are so grateful for the over-haul it got." Nicole Marcot, Wellspring Detroit
"What a great experience! The charity our team worked for was of the kind I've always wanted to support from an IT perspective [and] is the kind of organization that we can all hope will change the trend of deforestation and poverty for all Earth's inhabitants...very inspiring." Elizabeth Harris, Volunteer
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to take part in Ann Arbor GiveCamp and the wonderful work that our team did for us! What you all do is so incredible and it makes such a difference in our everyday tasks here in the office now!" Ashley Milgram, Bizdom U


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